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As a specialist in niche areas of quantity surveying, we work on assignments from one week to many years, working in a close consultative partnership with our clients.
Construction Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution services to contractors and client bodies

Our understanding of the terms and conditions of contract facilitates the maximisation of entitlements under any contract.

We provide adjudication, mediation and conciliation services, arbitration services, expert witness representation, identification of delay, preparation of contractual claims, negotiation and agreement of contractual claims.

Our experience has shown that a cost effective method of claims
avoidance is solid commercial management.

Kennedy Solutions therefore provide commercial management services which includes post contract administration, monthly payment
applications and valuations, contract correspondence, cost value
reconciliation and agreement of final accounts.

Traditional quantity surveying consultancy


We also provide traditional quantity surveying services including but
not limited to early cost planning, budget estimating and tender planning.
    Construction Dispute Resolution